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About us

Unlocking Opportunities: Our Partnered Exchanges - Bybit, Binance, Coinbase

Learn how we leverage the power of top-tier exchanges to maximize your cryptocurrency trading potential.

Efficiency Through Automation: Wundertrading, TraderMake.Money, TradingView

Discover the cutting-edge automation tools and platforms we employ for seamless, data-driven trading experiences.

Safety First: Our Robust Risk Management Strategies

Explore how our comprehensive risk management protocols prioritize the safety of your investments in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies.

Invest with Confidence: Profits and Benefits with Us

Delve into the attractive returns and unique benefits that come with investing in our cryptocurrency trading fund.

Our Commitment

At ZillionTrades, your success is our success. Whether you're looking for investment opportunities or seeking to enhance your trading skills, we're here to support you every step of the way. We are committed to delivering the highest standards of service, security, and reliability in the crypto space.

At ZillionTrades, we've honed our trading strategies through years of market analysis and risk management. Join us on this exciting journey, and let our expertise and transparency pave the way to your financial goals. Start trading smarter with us today.


Consolidation and Expansion
Q1 2023
Initiate partnerships with top-tier exchanges for improved access and liquidity.
Expand our team with additional trading and risk management experts.
Q2 2023
Diversify our cryptocurrency portfolio.
Continue to fine-tune our automated trading strategies.
Implement a referral program to reward loyal clients.
Q3 2023
Increase our presence on social media and crypto forums to enhance brand visibility.
Conduct an in-depth audit of our security protocols.
Q4 2023
Host webinars and events to engage with our community.
Begin developing a mobile trading app for enhanced accessibility.
Explore the possibility of incorporating new cryptocurrencies into our fund.
Innovation and Optimization
Q1 2024
Launch the beta version of ZillionTrades mobile app.
Roll out an advanced AI-driven trading algorithm.
Expand our educational resources with more in-depth materials.
Q2 2024
Evaluate the performance of our newly implemented technologies.
Consider offering managed accounts for high-net-worth individuals.
Strengthen partnerships with exchanges and liquidity providers.
Q3 2024
Enhance customer support with 24/7 availability.
Continue refining our risk management models.
Q4 2024
Explore new markets and investment opportunities.
Begin preparations for regulatory compliance.
Celebrate our fund's achievements and milestones with our community.
Stability and Growth
Q1 2025
Expand our presence in international markets.
Obtain necessary regulatory approvals.
Q2 2025
Introduce sustainable investment options in the cryptocurrency space.
Launch an institutional investment arm of the fund.
Establish a charitable foundation to give back to the community.
Q3 2025
Evaluate the possibility of expanding into other asset classes.
Develop a long-term strategic plan for the next five years.
Q4 2025
Conduct an annual report to showcase our fund's performance.
Explore strategic partnerships to further enhance our services.

Investment Plans

We offer three flexible investment plans tailored to your financial goals and preferences, each of which acts like a savings account, giving you the freedom to manage your investments. You can withdraw your funds at any time, but early withdrawal fees apply. The longer you keep your funds in the plan, the lower the fee becomes, after 31 days the fee becomes 0%. All rates include compound interest, the accrued daily profit is applied automatically on the next trading day.

7-Day Average PNL
Profit Share
Withdrawal Fee
0% - After 31st day
10% - Before 31st day
20% - Before 21st day
7-Day Average PNL
Profit Share
Withdrawal Fee
0% - After 31st day
10% - Before 31st day
20% - Before 21st day
7-Day Average PNL
Profit Share
Withdrawal Fee
0% - After 31st day
10% - Before 31st day
20% - Before 21st day

Choose the plan that best aligns with your financial goals and strategy.
Your investments with us are your savings for the future.


1. Referral's Deposits (Paid Instantly):

You will receive 5% of the deposit made by your direct referrals. For second-level referrals (referred by your direct referrals), you earn 3% of their deposits. Third-level referrals (referred by your second-level referrals) will earn you 2% of their deposits. These earnings are paid instantly, so you will see the rewards in your TRX address immediately.

2. Trading Profits (Adds to Balance):

As your referred users engage in trading activities, you'll receive a portion of their trading profits. You earn 8% of the trading profits generated by your direct referrals. Second-level referrals yield 5% of their trading profits as earnings for you. Third-level referrals contribute 3% of their trading profits to your account. These earnings are added to your account balance and can be withdrawn or reinvested as you see fit.

From Deposit
From Direct Referral
From Tier 2 Referrals
From Tier 3 Referrals
From Trading Profit
From Direct Referral
From Tier 2 Referrals
From Tier 3 Referrals

Why Join Our Referral Program?

Earn Passively:
Your network can become a source of passive income as they invest and trade with us.

Transparent Reporting:
Access detailed reports on your referral earnings, ensuring complete transparency.

Support and Resources:
We provide you with marketing materials and support to help you maximize your referral potential.

Growing Community:
Join a thriving community of like-minded investors and traders.

Start referring today and unlock the potential to earn significant rewards by sharing your trust in ZillionTrades. Grow with us and be part of our success story!

Latest Statistics

3 days ago 1209.351346 TRX Bronze 8b0ec8fd6e...aed0f
3 days ago 1198.91175 TRX Bronze 4c944d1f28...eb1f3
3 days ago 1000 TRX Bronze d851b0adbf...feea1
3 days ago 1169 TRX Bronze 15d692a997...57b2d
3 days ago 1883.7 TRX Bronze b998f3d62d...613ab
3 days ago 2500 TRX Bronze b9e3a3e452...39a63
3 days ago 1000 TRX Bronze 925e9f5c74...5860f
3 days ago 1380.350223 TRX Bronze 528da3aefe...5415b
3 days ago 990.028453 TRX 2701bfec97...bd70f
3 days ago 1110.650006 TRX ca8a408f69...5053e
3 days ago 1613 TRX a7eabc45e4...35a20
3 days ago 1288.551212 TRX bc26b1965c...6ec12
3 days ago 1178.318085 TRX 7d03c98875...cc969
3 days ago 2148.5262 TRX 8b81a6fe74...b9159
3 days ago 1778.634285 TRX c415c3af67...e9cc9
3 days ago 1178.466762 TRX 7a3b098c37...46b2b


  • 01
    How to sign up?
    To create an account, click the sign up button on the landing page, then enter your email and password and then confrim your email.
  • 02
    What payment methods do you accept?
  • 03
    What is the minimum and maximum deposit?
    Minimum Deposit Amount: The equivalent of $50 in any currency
    Maximum Deposit Amount: Without Limits.
  • 04
    What is the limit on account registration?
    You can only register one account per currency. If you attempt to register multiple accounts under your referral link to gain extra benefits without genuine referrals, all accounts associated with your bundle will be suspended.
  • 05
    What is the timeframe for profit generation?
    The process of generating profit requires a trading day hours starting from 12:00 to 21:00 CET time. You can monitor the profits generated by each trading day in the end of trading session. We are working without weekends.
  • 06
    What is the time of profit announcement?
    Each day our traders announcing the profit per trading session at 21:00 CET TIME.
  • 07
    How can I obtain my referral rewards?
    To receive your referral rewards you need to enter your cryptocurrency address to receive referral reward in the dashboard, then simply wait for deposit of your referral, when deposit of your referral will be confirmed you will be credited with your rewards instantly to your address.
  • 08
    What is the timeframe for funds to reach my address?
    Once you ordered payout and the payment status shifts to "processing," typically, it takes up to 8 hours. Throughout this duration, our system efficiently processes all outgoing withdrawal requests in the order they are received.
  • 09
    How can I join the affiliate program and what are the terms?
    To enroll as a partner, you should register and copy and share your unique referral link from your dashboard to your network. Our program provides a 3-tier referral rewards amounting to 5%/3%/2% of your referral's deposit and 8%/5%/3% from profit amount of your referral.

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